Allison Transmission

Global corporate identity adapted for local markets!


How do you introduce an American company to the European market? Allison Transmission in Indianapolis, manufactures automatic transmissions for trucks, buses and military vehicles. In various sectors in the USA (including fire and emergency) they have a market share of over 90%. As a result, growth in the domestic market is becoming increasingly more difficult. This was one of the reasons the organization was looking for a new agency that could meet this stock market-listed company’s communication challenges and translate its message outside the USA.



Together with CVR (a fellow AMIN agency in Indianapolis), Campagne carried out research into Allison Transmission’s core values. Based on the results, a number of communication concepts were developed and then tested internationally amongst the target groups. ‘Reliability’ was eventually chosen as the theme for global communication. This, in combination with a completely new look and feel, local translation and specific ‘own’ photography, achieved brand recognition by the target groups in every market.

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