AsiaWorks Media Joins AMIN Worldwide

AsiaWorks Media Joins AMIN Worldwide

The Advertising and Marketing Independent Network expands its reach in Southeast Asia.

AsiaWorks Media has joined the Advertising & Marketing Independent Network AMIN Worldwide, a global alliance of independent advertising and marketing agencies. With the membership of AsiaWorks, AMIN has expanded its reach to three new countries in the APAC region.

With the addition of AsiaWorks to its roster, AMIN connects its global network to Southeast Asia, which is one of the world’s fastest growing regions for economic growth, population, and digital connectivity. According to HootSuite’s “Digital in 2019” report, the region has a mobile connectivity rate that is 30% higher than the global average, and three countries (the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia) in the top five for the average time spent on the internet per-day, per-person. 

AsiaWorks is a video-focused agency that allows clients to tap into this growth, providing strategic campaigns, original content, production services, live internet streaming of content, and webcasting. Video accounts for 75% of all internet traffic globally, according to Cisco’s 2017 Visual Networking Index, which is forecasted to rise to 82% by 2022. 

Marc Laban, AsiaWorks’ founding partner, says, “AsiaWorks is thrilled to connect with an established network like AMIN. After twenty years of growing our business, and now with offices in three Southeast Asian countries, the opportunity to participate in a global arena during a period of massive disruption and transformation in our industry is both challenging and exciting. We are seeing unprecedented growth in Asia, and we’re looking forward to sharing our experience in this region with our AMIN colleagues and learning from their deep agency knowledge in the world of marketing and advertising.”

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About AsiaWorks

In 1996, a group of some of the best producers, cameramen and journalists in Asia got together to create AsiaWorks. Two decades later, we’re now Asia’s leading independent media company, creating original content and providing video production, transmission and webcast services. We’ve got round-the-clock offices and staff in Bangkok, Beijing, Singapore, and Jakarta. We also have a huge network of partners and freelancers. We go anywhere you can think of in Asia, bringing with us our reputation for compelling storytelling, excellent production values, and tailor-made solutions for every kind of project.