Ismo Nikkola

President AMIN EMEA, CSO, Deputy CEO Avidly , Avidly

About Ismo

Strategy, brands, NPD and great ideas make my day. Lately, I have been focusing in customer experience and insights and building a great marketing strategy out of these findings. My background is strong in FMCG marketing, having worked with the biggest Finnish consumer brands for 10 years in their marketing departments. However I was more interested in building up the brands and how to make an influence on people, that led me to the agency side more than 10 years ago. I had the privilege to work with Nokia for a couple of years in their mobile world dominance both in B2C and B2B, which was an eye opener for me in the B2B side. Now we have strong Finnish B2B brands, for which we do global marketing in Avidly. For that, AMIN Worldwide has proven to be a very effective help and I have enjoyed working with my international colleagues. I'm still learning a lot every day. Now the biggest influence in my work comes from Inbound Marketing. It is a new powerful tool for us strategists in integrated marketing.