Why it’s Economical to conduct a Web Audit

Why it’s Economical to conduct a Web Audit

If you have ever found yourself frustrated by snail-paced loading times on your website, wondered why Google wasn’t ranking your web pages, or had a creeping suspicion that your website has too many broken links to count; it’s time to consider a web audit (F.Y.I. — Stone Ward can do one for free).

A powerful informational tool in the hands of any website owner, web audits are the key to identifying critical issues and warning signs within your website. It also lets you know what you are doing well — so there’s positive feedback, too. The website is the heartbeat of your business — it’s how you’re found, and it’s generally how strangers have their first contact with you. No one can afford to ignore SEO, crawl errors, or leave out meta descriptions. A comprehensive web audit will:

  • Score your website on crawlability (important for search engine rankings)
  • Give you a score on internal linking
  • Identify pages that have slow loading speeds
  • Identify pages with 4XX error codes
  • Find pages with duplicate content issues
  • Show incorrect pages on sitemaps
  • Show you much more!

So, what’s the point — and more importantly — how is it economical?

After issue identification comes the process of building a strategy to correct and improve those areas. In a nutshell, the point is to enhance a user’s experience on your website. This makes it more likely for that user to interact with you further and convert. Just in case you’re wondering, once you get your free web audit with Stone Ward, we’ll walk you through your web audit report to demystify the technical terms and give you recommendations for establishing a strategy.


Exhibit A — Things we analyze when we run a web audit

Establishing a plan

Once you’ve deciphered the data in your audit report, it’s time to plan. It may be an extensive plan that incorporates a content marketing strategy because you noticed that your crawlability score (percentage of indexable pages) was low. It may be as simple as fixing the 10 broken links that the web audit brought to your attention. This report ensures that you’re not making changes blindly without any guidance.

Reaping the benefits

Through a comprehensive strategy spurred by a website audit, you’ll see the trickle effect it has in boosting your company’s online presence and in reaching your tangible business goals.

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