The value of our IPA membership.

The value of our IPA membership.

The team’s been training hard.

We’ve been members of the IPA now since June 2016. And what a great first year it’s been. Their services and support have been invaluable, from ground-breaking industry insight and advertising legal advice to promoting our job vacancies. But one thing in particular we’ve really benefitted from is their training.

11 members of our team recently took the IPA Foundation Certificate. It involved 35 hours of online training covering the brand communications process from start to finish in their chosen area, followed by a two-hour exam. For many it was like going back to school, revising late into the night and last-minute swotting up sessions. Not easy after a long, busy day at work.

Chatting to some of the team.

All their hard work has been worth it though. They’ve already started to put what they learnt into practice, plus they’ll receive a highly-regarded IPA qualification too (hopefully). We caught up with a few of them to get their thoughts on their IPA training experience.

Beth Griffiths, Account Executive.

“Having graduated a year before taking the IPA Foundation Certificate, it was a great opportunity to further expand my advertising knowledge. The training covers various aspects of the industry and really adds value for our clients. It was hard work, but definitely worth it.”

Jimmy McMorrow, Account Manager.

“I completed a creative degree at university and found the IPA Foundation Certificate really helpful in filling a few gaps in my advertising knowledge. It’s definitely made me a better, more-rounded Account Manager, not only for my employer and colleagues, but also the clients I work with.”

Matt Leach, Head of Development.

“The IPA Foundation Certificate is a fantastic gateway for anyone to get a formal understanding of the principles of advertising and marketing. Although I’m a digital developer, the learning resources available gave me the knowledge to do the exam confidently, and provided me with a set of tools that will enhance my role moving forward.”

The Champagne’s chilling.

We’re extremely proud of everybody who did the training and took the exam. And very grateful to the IPA for all their support throughout. The guys get their results this month, and we look forward to sharing them with you then. Fingers crossed.