The Truth, and the Truth Bar, Goes Viral

The Truth, and the Truth Bar, Goes Viral

So what do you do when your city is hosting the Super Bowl a few blocks from your agency, and your team almost—ALMOST—makes it in? Simple. Have a little fun at the expense of the teams that did make it.

And like everything we do, it has to come out of the truth. Besides, the best jokes are the ones that are, at their core, about truth.

After the Viking’s loss in Philadelphia, there were reports that some Vikings fans (and players) were hit with beers by reveling Eagles fans. So we decided to blow off a little steam.

Sign reading Eagles fans: Stop in and have a free beer thrown at you!

When you speak the truth, you strike a chord. And with that comes the good and the bad. The good was this: it went viral. The poster was quickly picked up by local media. Then retweeted/posted by sports blogs. And then Philly news outlets got a hold of it. We even had a crew come by to find out what the truth of it was.

Would we actually throw beer at Eagles fans?

And the bad? Besides a number of 1 star reviews for a bar that doesn’t actually serve the public, our answering machine and front desk person had to deal with a barrage of angry and crank callers. Not to mention a moment or two where we wondered if we’d come in one morning to find a brick through the window.

Sign reading Patriots Fans: Stop in and get deflated prices just for you!

We were riding a wave of attention and we wanted to do something else fun that didn’t poke the eagle too much more. So we put up a poster having some fun with Patriot fans. The next day, a news crew from Boston was in the Truth Bar for an interview.

It’s been unseasonably cold for Super Bowl Week here in Minneapolis. Despite that, and the negative online commenters, there’s been a steady flow of people outside the Truth Bar, stopping to get their picture taken in front of the two signs. Turns out when you put the truth out there, people notice.