“And the social media Oscar goes to…” - let me show you the portfolio of awards winning projects all the way from Poland, so it will give you a glimpse into marketing field here.

IAB MIXX Awards is a competition in which unique digital marketing campaigns are awarded. This event has been organized for 13 years so far. The campaigns need to combine creative ideas with effective solutions, and the only condition for entering the competition is using at least one digital channel. The key criteria are: strategy, advertising creation, implementation and use of media, and results and ROI. 

Seth Godin said “marketing that works is marketing that people choose to notice”. I would like to highlight Polish campaigns that surely did that, and were awarded in a category “Best Use of Social Media” by IAB MIXX Awards 2019. In this category, campaigns with effective actions in social media, both communication and sales oriented are awarded. Let me present you the TOP 3! 


“2 for U Challenge”

The first campaign that I would like to present is a “2 for U Challenge” campaign which was promoting “2 for U” promotional offers in McDonald’s, which were available in the mobile app, and  they were changing every day. The aim of this project was to increase McDonald’s brand awareness as a “brand for me” among people at the age of 16-19. 

How to create a social media campaign for youth in a time when social media is their daily life? How to surprise young people who are living their life mostly inside social media? 

The insight of the campaign was: “My friends’ crew is my strength. I define myself through my friends’ squad”. Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing, HubSpot said “don’t push people to where you want to be, meet them where they are”. The answer for this statement was an idea of “creating the most social video clip EVER”. As a part of this campaign, they have created a video clip which was based on interactions – online and offline interactions. First, young people needed to meet in person (offline interaction) and then only connect their phones together to experience this video clip (offline interaction). Surely, “2 for U Challenge” was an innovative experience that used the Facebook functionality effect called SideFlix, which involves connecting phones through the Messenger application in order to be able to watch content in a completely new way with friends. The clip would start after connecting several smartphones together – from 2 to 6. With each subsequent phone you could see more picture, effects and sound on the screen.  The video clip was made with collaboration with famous singer – Dawid Kwiatkowski, who is a huge youth influencer in Poland. You can check the campaign here


Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 12.05.40

Wondering about the KPI and results? The KPI was the number of total downloads of application created for this campaign. The final results was 50% higher than estimated one. 

The budget of this campaign was divided as below:
Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Tik Tok) – 43%
Programmatic display – 20%
YouTube, Spotify, Brainly – 35%
Search – 2%

This campaign was created by OMD, McDonald’s, and DDB Warsaw.

“What if?”

The second campaign that I would like to present is an OLX campaign. This project had a very powerful insight – researches said that one third adults and one half youth in Poland experience an online hate and harmful content. At the same time, Polish OLX was also identified as a place full of rudeness. The campaign’s challenge was to talk about how these phenomena affect the whole online community, but also simply saying that OLX does not agree for these kinds of behaviors online.  In the spots, we would see the consequences of using vulgarity in our online conversations with people we don’t know, cheating the other party or disregarding virtual contractors. Spots were telling serious stories, but having a “meme” nature at the same time – there were funny, full of distance, and deprived of morals. 

Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 12.06.59

Seth Godin said “people do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic”. This campaign became a viral, and entered into the history of Polish online advertising! That’s for sure!

This campaign was created by Grupa OLX, 180heartbeats + Jung v Matt, F25 Production House.


“Good voice for the company”

The third campaign is an ING campaign. In 2018, lots of banks in Poland were giving extra money for creating an account at their bank. It created a lot of competition between them, but at the same time it didn’t give them a chance to be unique. It became more difficult on how to stand out from the crowd? As researches says, nowadays on the market – you don’t fight for customers by your products, you fight for customers by creating a good opinion about your brand in your community. That is why the aim of ING bank was to achieved TOP 1 when it comes to brand recognition as a “bank for entrepreneurs”. 

Bank encouraged customers to write an opinion about the small companies as opinions and reviews are the best advertisements for these types of companies. In this campaign, online opinions were changed into songs’ lyrics which were created by famous Polish singers. Every song at the same time was an advertisement for small company – 85 songs were created in total. The small companies got a free video advertisement which showcase their work. 8 Ordinary users of the Internet became songwriter of famous Polish stars. Ordinary sentences found on the Internet became popular song lyrics. The best video clip achieved 1,6 m views on YouTube. It was the first time in Polish marketing industry, that Internet users’ opinion became part of the song. 

Here you can see Hania’s opinion about small restaurant, which was a based for song made by Kasia Nosowska (Polish singer), you can check it here.

Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 12.20.50

3 aims of this campaign were achieved. 

  • Achieve TOP 1 in a record about bank for entrepreneurs ->  In 2018 ING got 2nd place (23,6%), and in 2019 ING got 1st place with 33,1%. 
  • Encourage Polish people to share their opinion about small companies on the Internet -> users wrote 3440 opinions on landing page dedicated to this campaign
  •  Encourage Polish people to share this campaign on their social media -> ING achieved 24 k reactions. 

This campaign was created by GONG, ING Bank Śląski, MullenLowe, MediaHub.

To sum up, these campaigns are the best proof on how to get to know (very well!) the target audience, and how to choose the best communication channel to get to them. Additionally, how to precisely set a goal and campaign’s measure of success. In my opinion, these campaign were based on real insight which had a huge impact on recipients and supported business goals at the same time! For sure, they will stay in my mind from customer and marketer perspective!  


How to create marketing winning campaign?

Mostly campaigns are judged by three categories, which are concept, creativity, and execution. It means that we should emphasize on how strong, unique and relevant our insight is, and how the concept suits for brand and the target audience. Additionally, we should focus on how engaging our creation is – how captivating, and impactful it is. And finally, the outcome. How well are all the elements of the campaign were executed? 

All in all, I would agree with many marketers who say that “we know a good campaign when we can see it, and we know a great campaign when we can feel it”!



[ This article was written by Klaudia Ceglarz, F11, Poland ]