Time out Market: from magazine to immersive experience

Time out Market: from magazine to immersive experience

João Cepeda, president at Time Out Market, was one of the speakers of AMIN Lisboa conference. His story is a call for all companies to ask themselves “what else can we do?”

Time Out. You probably have heard about this brand. Is it a magazine? Is it a Market? These questions were the fuel for João Cepeda to reinvent the company. 

“Companies are very stuck, rigid. If the companies could actually jump the tradition and think what else can they do, everything would be different”. 

Ok, maybe it’s better to give you some context: João shared these incredible thoughts on AMIN Lisboa Conference, in the beginning of November. He was one of the speakers who helped AMIN attendees beat their blind spot. Sharing the story of Time Out, and (quite literally) his own story, João made us ask ourselves: what have we been doing? And what else can we do? 

It all began in London in 1968 when Time Out helped people explore the exciting new urban cultures that started to show up all over the city. Today, Time Out is present in 108 cities in 39 countries and has a global monthly audience reach of 217 million. It is now the leading global media and entertainment brand that inspires and enables people to make the most of the city.

In 2014, Time Out Lisboa editors had one idea: turning a historic market hall in the city into Time Out Market. They ended up by creating the world’s first food and cultural market, and the first market experience rooted fully in editorial curation. 

Following the success of its flagship market in Lisboa, João Cepeda has been leading the internationalization process of this Lisboa concept to cities like Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Dubai, London and Prague… for now. 

In the video below, João talks about the main blind spots within our industry and reveals the biggest blind spot he had to overcome to get to where he is today.