The UN asked for help, Stratitude stepped up

The UN asked for help, Stratitude stepped up

The United Nations has asked creatives around the world to submit their ideas to educate people about COVID-19 and help stop the spread of the virus.

The brief:

The UN needs help in translating critical public health messages into work that will engage and inform people across different cultures, languages, communities and platforms. Capture one of the coronavirus key messages in an impactful and sharable way: personal hygiene, physical distancing, knowing the symptoms, kindness contagion, myth-busting and donating.

Our campaign:

As social distancing and lockdowns force people around the world to spend time indoors, everyone is turning to the internet to stay connected and informed. To pass the hours at home, people are embracing social media and texting, resulting in an unprecedented increase in screen time.

One impact of more screen time, is an increase in internet slang usage. These acronyms have become part of our everyday language, with words like FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and YOLO (You Only Live Once) being widely used and understood around the world.

Our campaign uses these well-known acronyms to grab the audience’s attention but, by assigning new words to the letters and changing the meaning of each acronym, we make them relevant to the pandemic – and we make their simple message memorable.

The campaign highlights the need for people to think differently about things that are familiar. Our old way of living is no longer correct and these desperate times call for a shift in how we behave. The only way a measurable impact will be made is if we act differently today. The sooner we all play our part to stop the spread of the virus, the sooner life can return to normal.

At Stratitude, we believe that everyone has a role to play – no matter how big or small – in helping to protect resources and save lives. We are promoting the campaign to get South Africans to start using these acronyms to change behaviours and spread awareness about the virus.