The “Goldilock” Solution to Technical Storytelling

by Melissa Hucal (Simantel)

The challenge of technical storytelling could be defined in one sentence… The more a product is technically complex, the harder it is to introduce it to the audiences. Finding the right balance between creativity and technical approach is important to keep the message attractive and comprehensible for the public. So the way game-changer products and services are marketed needs to be as innovative as the product itself. Or as stated in the Harvard Business Review article on the subject, it requires a whole different marketing approach.

For marketers, the challenge in technical information became a constant issue… Where is the “goldilocks” solution that achieves that “just right” blend of technical details and creative approach, to result in a story that engages your audience, takes them on the journey from problem to solution and helps them see themselves as an integral part?


Melissa Hucel, Marketing Automaton Consultant at Simantel, addressed this topic in an internal interview with the agency’s Executive Creative Director Maggie Whalen Misselhorn, and the VP of Strategic Services Misty Dykema, who both brought their unique points of view on the topic and shared relevant advices on the way creative thinkers and technical thinkers should work together to bring results.


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