The Fast And The Curious

The Fast And The Curious

CVR Named One Of Indianapolis' 25 Fastest Growing Companies

There are probably a lot of ways to crack the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Fast 25 list, but at CVR, we did it by asking one simple question: “What if?”

As a 100-year-old start-up, “What if” gave us an opportunity to start fresh and get focused on what we wanted to accomplish for our clients and ourselves. What if we expanded global partnerships? What if we sharpened our digital capabilities? What if we concentrated on outcomes, not output?

The result is an agency that has grown to 32 rockstars as of today. Still we haven’t forgotten why we’re here or what we’re all about. Whether it’s helping to sell automatic transmissions in Beijing or helping feed the hungry here at home, we’re working to solve problems and create opportunities for our clients. As an integrated communications agency, we are Building Brands That Matter™. With this defining goal in mind, we’ve been able to focus our resources to accomplish big things for our clients.

It’s exciting to be recognized for the work we’ve done, but it’s more exciting to focus on the future and what’s next for CVR and our clients. We’d like to thank those clients and the 32 people defined by their efforts and their attitudes. To everyone at CVR and all of those that came before us, thanks for playing for the name on the front of your jersey.

Here’s to 2017.