Small changes can make a big difference.

Small changes can make a big difference.


Eat Smart Western New York (ESWNY) is an initiative funded by the USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to help Western New Yorkers – especially those in low-income neighborhoods – eat healthier, drink more water, and get active. So when they needed help getting their message out to the masses, they called on Crowley Webb.



First research showed that one of the greatest hurdles people face when trying to get healthy is that they feel overwhelmed – you know, the all-or-nothing mentality. The aim was to remind Western New Yorkers that making just one small change each day can really add up. And from that, the “Small changes can make a big difference” campaign was born.

To start, the agency sprinkled billboards and bus shelter posters throughout ESWNY’s footprint with these simple reminders. They even turned bus shelters into opportunities to exercise, and made content more accessible by placing healthy recipes around town that could be saved by simply snapping a photo. The message was also brought to life through a series of 10-second TV spots. Media placement played a huge role in the campaign, as well as strategically placed messages in c-stores, public libraries, the Departments of Social Services, and other places the audience frequents. Finally, a targeted paid social campaign and content strategy were launched across multiple platforms. All those tactics drove users to a microsite that housed dozens of quick tips and recipes, as well as a series of short videos created for the campaign.



The “small changes can make a big difference” campaign delivered 51,786,852 impressions across seven countries and web analytics indicated deep engagement on the microsite. Post-campaign research also concluded that one in four adults within the target recalled seeing this campaign, and those individuals reported healthy behaviors (e.g., motivated to prepare home-cooked meals, eating veggies weekly) as a result. In addition, valuable earned media was received throughout the campaign as a result of regional news coverage. On top of that, the campaign was picked up by another Eat Smart New York region, and it received creative accolades at both the WNY American Advertising Awards and the AAF District 2 ADDY Awards.