Quarantined Creative

Quarantined Creative

This article was written by Danny Koteras, Creative Director at Stoneward (USA)

I was surprised in the beginning by how much my head hurt at the end of the day. My wife already works from home, but she’s on the phone all day. So I can’t share the office with her. I simply can’t concentrate. So I set up my laptop at the dining room table where I can look out the window or on our back patio, which I prefer!

At our office, we are very interactive. I am constantly walking into my art directors’ office next to me and into the other office shared by a copywriter and art director who are on my team. We brainstorm on whiteboards together. They are always asking me for feedback on projects. I am always checking in with them. All of this is in person. Now, it’s by looking at a 13-inch MacBook Air.

By 5:00, my eyes hurt.

I’ve also found I have to remind myself to get up and take a break, even for lunch. I get so zoned in on the task at hand with no interruptions, that I just plow right through. Even at the end of the day, instead of putting the project down and just picking it back up tomorrow, I tend to try and get more done.

We have definitely utilized Google Hangouts to the fullest and I have learned that I’ll probably continue to do this even when we go back to the office. I’m in Little Rock and we have an office in Chicago. Those guys will never get a phone call again. Face to face on the computer, baby!

Fortunately, my team has still been really busy. I’ve only had one afternoon where I signed off early so as far as personal projects go, it’s just the same as any other day at the house. However, I do go to the grocery store a LOT less!