Promoting Cyprus vacation

Promoting Cyprus vacation

FMCA: Helping to re-discover Cyprus for Russian tourists

In 2015 CTO had a strong need to raise brand awareness amongst Russian tourists reminding them about the unique climate and rich history of Cyprus. In September 2015 after winning the bid for the contract, Fresh Mind team created an idea “My Cyprus Vacations”. There are many public and school holidays in Russia throughout a year besides the traditional summer holidays period in June-August. The big advantage of Cyprus is the opportunity to make a spontaneous decision and immediately start vacations to spend fantastic time on the island all over the year. To engage the Russian audience several online videos and banners, landing page and feature videos were developed within a month. Digital campaign was spreading by PPC online banners and video commercials via YouTube.

People spent 8-10 minutes on a 1-page website watching videos, looking for the attractive pictures and reading stories about main landmarks of the island. In less than 3 months ad campaign raised 1,6 mln interactions, which was much more than the client expected.

We are proud of this project and happy to attract Russian tourists by the beauty of the island and motivate them enjoying the Cyprus hospitality during their vacations.