Pizza with a Purpose

Pizza with a Purpose

I’m gonna be up front with you. You’re about to see pizza. Keep the drool towels handy. OK, here goes.

MOD Pizza is awesome, but for reasons beyond what they put on a plate. In fact, when founders Scott and Ally Svenson sat down to discuss whether or not to make MOD a thing, they were clear that the world would be just fine without another pizza joint. What would make MOD interesting would be its commitment to creating a positive impact in the world.

Ten years in, MOD was being recognized for all the good it does, but there was an opportunity to amplify the message: from providing meals for at-risk kids to hiring people in need of a second chance to shining a light on teen suicide, to name just a few initiatives. Yes, lots of people love the brand and the pizza, but we saw a chance to transform the customer experience by showing that MOD is about more than just the dough; it’s about inspiring people to make positive change in their lives and the lives of others. Now the brand is getting the word out in its own MOD way and sharing the purpose behind the pizza.

The Isaac: A Story of Heartbreak and Hope

In 2017, Ally Svenson was presented with a letter from a mother of a MOD regular who struggled with depression and anxiety. MOD was a ray of light in a dark time for her son, Isaac, who eventually died by suicide. The Svensons were so moved by the letter and the impact MOD had on Isaac and his family that they introduced the idea of an “Impact Pizza”—a special menu item that would help shine a light where it’s needed most. The Isaac would be MOD’s first Impact Pizza and would raise money for The Jed Foundation, a nonprofit that works to prevent teen suicide. Impact was on the menu for everybody to see. We at GLG were honored to help MOD share the story with an inspirational video, campaign site, posters in the stores, social, training for MOD employees to know how to talk about it with customers, and even clothing for MOD employees to wear on the line.

Spreading MODness: A Coming-Out Party

Every year, MOD marks its anniversary with a week of giving called Spreading MODness. The initiative is anchored by a partnership with nonprofit Generosity Feeds and helps to provide meals for at-risk kids. It was an honor to help MOD go big with a manifesto campaign that drove more awareness about the initiative and its purpose. From pizza boxes and stickers to greeters, T-shirts, and more, if you visited a MOD restaurant in November, you couldn’t miss the message.

What’s Next? Pizza on Your Phone

The new MOD Pizza app is here, and it’s another opportunity for the company to transform the customer experience. Yes, it’s a rewards program, and earning free pizza is great, but unlike the Pizza Huts and Domino’s Pizzas of the world, MOD allows people to either redeem rewards or pay them forward in the form of donations to Generosity Feeds—all from the app.


We are excited to see more people in more communities have their eyes opened to what MOD is really all about. To look past the pizza and not only see the purpose but also take an active role in it. It’s ambitious, but that is customer experience transformation we can believe in.

OK, enough. I’m getting lunch.


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