Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow – Janna Sperry Sundby

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow – Janna Sperry Sundby

A few thoughts on some benefits and criteria for supporting the board and membership of AMIN Worldwide. If you’re old enough to remember Radar O’Reilly from the TV Show Mash, our roles were somewhat similar. Always trying to anticipate what was to come.  Radar, too, worked with many leaders and adjusted his role to their styles and what they needed.  I’ve worked with six different US board leaders in 12 years. Along with EMEA and APAC leaders. Each with their different styles.  Each of them taught me important lessons.


Some criteria for my role at AMIN from the important to the mundane:


of association software, meeting AV/Sound, website code, Google Drive and analytics, conference planning software, global time zone meeting calendars, CRM options, 3rd party platforms, dietary restrictions, corporate Lyft app, scheduling multi-day events in locations never visited, of tours and transportation for spouses, of the beauty of cities where meetings were held.


with a genuine interest in seeking out, researching, and winnowing down strong prospects across the globe, in different time zones, with different cultures and of course different skills, learning new industry offerings/tools/platforms being promoted to the members so they can do their jobs more effectively, being educated by great CVBs who want to display the joys and secrets of their cities.


to new members at their first conferences or their first peer group meeting, and to new board members who are adding the role to their already full and demanding lives, to the staffers that joined after me and found their own way, to the other network leaders who know the intrinsic value of a network.


Looking back, I started at AMIN in 2008, during the Financial Crisis. Our kids were 10 and 13 years old. Today they are 22 and 25. They’ve matured nicely into their own lives and rhythms.  Similar to the AMIN Network. I’ve seen the network offerings grow, mature, adjust. Try new things, keep some, discard some, and keep moving forward.

No one could have accurately predicted where things would be today. I believe it helps to try to anticipate what could come and be flexible with possible solutions. Said another way, expect the unexpected and move gracefully to find smart solutions.

Everyone leaves a small thumbprint in their journey and I believe mine will be about the importance of making connections to assist others on their own journeys.

Thanks to all the AMIN board members, past and present, who shared their time and talent to benefit the health of the network. Your collective efforts are showing as the network is maintaining its strength and connections despite being in a pandemic. The other bookend of my tenure. I am full of gratitude for the many skills I’ve learned and the fantastically talented people I’ve interacted with. It’s been my pleasure to serve and I wish the network steadfast success.