How Paid Facebook Can Turn Fans into a Community Advocates

How Paid Facebook Can Turn Fans into a Community Advocates

Help your brand reach its full potential on Facebook with a smart media strategy for your most dedicated fans.

The old adage says, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Even if it does make a sound, does it matter?

For years, marketers have focused on the importance of Facebook and how brands need to be active to engage their fans. Unfortunately, with the growth of Facebook as a platform and the adjustments within the Facebook algorithm, the community is becoming more and more difficult to reach.

Now apply the old tree adage to your Facebook strategy as it sits today. If you post as a brand and no one is around to see it, is it even a Facebook post? Does it even matter? Knowing this, the question becomes how to amplify your sound and page to not just be a page posting content. The answer is paid Facebook.

Paid Facebook is a great asset to nearly any marketing strategy. It is inexpensive to push content live and easy to narrow down the millions of Facebook users into your small pool of potential customers. It creates awareness, drives clicks and can increase sales.

But there is another step to make your voice even louder. When you have a brand that people love, can you do more? Is it possible to make Facebook more than just a marketing medium? YES. For a handful of passionate brands with passionate consumers, Facebook can become a community where fans share, engage and have fun.

For Plasti Dip, an automotive peelable rubber coating, social media started as a necessity. It was a way to push out content and help provide information to consumers. When KC began working with them, it changed into an opportunity to share inspiration from other fans. Then when paid media was added into the mix, the community exploded.

With 61,000 fans already following the brand and an active fanbase, there was the need for one location for fans to share and engage with other Plasti Dip users about the product. On a monthly basis with organic content, the page was getting an average of about 200 likes or comments per month. With the help of KC, Plasti Dip increased ad promotion and dollars to content to reach more fans.

Within three months, the page began receiving 6,000 likes or comments per month on just 16 pieces of content. PLUS, brand posts were not the only thing that received increased engagement. Fans began posting more on the brand page’s wall and talking to fellow “Dipheads” (what the brand calls them) about tips they have from past projects, fun experiences and their love of Plasti Dip.

Facebook can just be a page to post content, but if you strategize, pay for support and create engaging content, you can turn the social platform into a community for fans to engage and become even bigger fans of your company.