Monthly Roundup: Christmas Edition

Christmas is coming and we are (almost) tired of seeing those ads… Right? Wrong! We invited some AMIN members to write a small paragraph about their favorite holiday campaign this year.  Take a look and enjoy the Christmas cheer!


1. John Lewis & Partners
From Gita Cīrule-Ostvalde, Head of Client Service at Bounce Agency

Just like last year our absolute favorite Christmas ad campaign from Adam&Eve | DDB London for John Lewis & Partners. This year they tell a lovely story about true friendship and what happens when you accept other weirdness and turn it other way around.

2. Microsoft
From Paolo Margonari, owner of Milk adv

In my opinion, it’s a perfect example of a Christmas Commercial.
Product’s performances are frequently the main message of creativity. Plus, all the elements of a perfect Christmas message are shown: the family, the baby, the dog, the snow, the reindeers. A pretty baby is starring, she is childish and shy but, in the second part, there’s a great twist: product’s efficiency makes her so confident and able to talk to reindeers. It’s hard to admit for an Apple fan like me: this is a great job. Congratulations to Microsoft.

3. IGA
From Grég Ryncki, Creative Director at B+G & Partners

My favorite campaign this year is based on human relationships and maintaining them. I believe that human relationships must be more and more at the heart of ourselves, and not just for Christmas!

It is simple, effective and touching. But the scenario has already been used. I am very attached to human relations and think that they will be our salvation.

4. Lincoln
From Agency Kids team: Marta Castillo and Jorge Sanchez

We like this ad because it thrills us through a true story. The luxury car brand continues to communicate in the territory of hedonism, the enjoyment of life. That’s why in this ad Lincoln helps a child feel the sound for the first time through a technology gadget designed especially for him.

5. Jennyfer 
From Valery Vallee, Creative Director at Anchovy

The concept behind the campaign is perfect – they brought back to life a brand through one of their biggest issues, Jennifer’s brand perception. By doing that, they turned their disadvantage into a new USP. Is there anything that could stop your brand at this stage? Not really. The idea is so strong, it let them reinvent themselves and put the name back in the fashion game. The content itself is also as good as the idea behind so they nailed the execution as well – great stuff!

6. Allegro
From Zack Stackle, Simantel’s Associate Creative Director

This holiday season, I came across “English for Beginners” from Allegro. In a season where many brands are levering the holidays, this ad really stood out to me. It has everything you need in a great story – you get pulled into the character’s situation, there’s humor, some surprise, and in the end it really pulls at your heartstrings and is relatable. This ad originated in Poland and I recently shared it across our agency in Peoria, Illinois, USA; not only to bring a little creative inspiration, but to just spread some holiday cheer.

7. Google
From Kat Richards, UX Lead at Hoffmanyork

Google’s 2019 Search is my favorite campaign. Different definitions of heroes, raw data and a captivating way of storytelling; Google creates an inspirational and impactful commercial, all of course, backed by data. #Sheroes “Who says I can’t? Nobody.”

8. Hafod
Slingshot´s favorite

This year, our favorite Christmas spot is Hafod Hardware’s #BeAKidThisChristmas. It has everything great Christmas ads are made of; an adorable kid, an acoustic cover of an 80’s song and a twist at the end. While all of that is great, the thing that actually makes this ad so memorable is the super simple message that’s flawlessly executed. Made with a budget of only £100, it’s proof that a great idea beats a big budget any day of the week.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a magnificent New Year.