AMIN Worldwide welcomes its very first Moroccan member, Maya Digital.

“We are delighted to have a digital driven agency from Morocco joining our Network, sharing the same values and DNA of AMIN and led by a talented leader! Morocco and North Africa as a region have always been an important market for us, we’re so glad to have found the ideal partner!” adds Hans van Eemeren (President AMIN Worldwide – EMEA region and Partner of Intracto in Belgium).

Maya Digital is a performance driven creative agency with a team of 20 dedicated people. The clients range from entertainment oriented like Marrakech International Film Festival, to banks, real estate, retail, cosmetics and many more. The agency is located in the economical capital of Morocco, Casablanca, which is the heart of many multi-national companies and organizations. “We had the opportunity to accompany some clients, like CNSS or The Marrakesh International Film Festival, with no previous marketing materials or digital history. For such projects, the work begins from scratch. We first imagine how the brand can have a voice and claim its territory on a social platform, we develop the social media strategy, film videos, and aim to create for each of our clients a successful campaign. These experiences enabled us to perfectly catch the spirit of the digital world.” Says Yasmina Belahsen, Founder and CEO of the agency, “We have acquired extensive experience on multi-channeled projects with truly short execution timings.”

Yasmina Belahsen had a clear vision in mind while creating Maya digital: give life to a communication agency passionate about content creation, visual design and web experiences. 

“We do what we do for the passion of digital-communication. Driven by our passion and a dedicated team, we are committed to offering 360° digital marketing services that build brands, create strategies, enhance creativity and get results. We have one ultimate goal: To offer digital multi-channel services custom engineered around our client’s needs, business goals, and adapt our solutions on what digital optimal channels will most deliver.” Said Yasmina Belahsen.

She knew that the right strategy would take her business to the next level and aimed to deliver fully-integrated digital marketing solutions, to help support all the brands digital needs. Maya’s team collaborates with companies around the world to help them engage their audiences, build brand awareness and achieve their marketing and business goals. Some of the agency clients are Hyundai, Nestle, and Total.


To learn more about Maya Digital, visit their website.