Lisboa, center of technology

“There is something truly unique happening in Lisbon right now” – Paddy Cosgrave

Is a fact that Lisboa is in the world’s mouth at the moment, not a month goes by without a new article about how Portugal has become the best holiday destination or how Lisboa is the coolest city in Europe. But did you know that Lisboa is also becoming a creative and tech startup hub, which is bringing major investment to the country? Let’s dig a bit and see how this happened.

Lisboa will be the host for Web Summit for more 10 years. Paddy Cosgrave, founder of this conference says that the main reasons are the facilities and the possibility to host the event for over 70.000 people. Some other reasons may be the light, heritage, good food, sea, vibrant nightlife, hospitality, most people fluent in English but most important and listen carefully to this one (this will probably make you want to come to Lisboa this year): sun in November!

But Web Summit isn’t the only event happening in Lisboa, there are so many conferences such as Droidcon Lisbon, Lisbon Investment Summit or WYSTC Lisbon that will bring thousands of people to the city. And that’s not all, dozens of new workspaces have opened in Lisboa making it much easier for startups to set up. Some examples are Heden, IDEIA and Cowork Lisboa.

We could be here all day giving you examples of companies that opt for Lisboa as their headquarters, new workspaces, conferences and so on. But let’s hold some information to impress you when you are here.

But, keep this in mind, like Paddy Cosgrave said: “If this is your first time in Portugal, let me tell you this won’t be your last”

AMIN Lisboa is coming!

Dive in the marketing and advertising world with your AMIN colleagues while enjoying the beautiful views and the sunny weather in Lisboa.

Registration deadline is on September 30th.