KC Takes On The Cereal Aisle

KC Takes On The Cereal Aisle

KC + Three Sisters

Excited to be doing more in the CPG game, KC is thrilled to announce new work for a new client: Three Sisters, the company that’s best know for their cereal brands Mom’s Best and Barbara’s (including Puffins). While the cereal and snack aisles are crowded with choices, Three Sister’s brands provides a bridge for mainstream shoppers to get into Natural and Organic cereal at value (Mom’s Best), and provides ingredient conscious shoppers with a tasty non-GMO option (Barbara’s, Puffins).

As with any CPG brand fighting for shelf space, there’s an opportunity hiding within Three Sister’s target audiences. It’s just a matter of speaking to the right people at the right time.



KC rolled out new ads for Mom’s Best, Puffins, and Barbara’s, as well as a targeted media plan to remind moms and breakfast lovers everywhere that there’s something good-for-breakfast and good-for-you in the cereal aisle.

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3SIS3485-3 Mom's Best Banner Ad_Kids_160x600_Static_013020