Is your business forgetting to say ‘Thank you’?

Rewards and recognition in a remote-working world

As the debate about what work will look like in the future goes on, it’s clear that the traditional work environment has been changed forever.

Today, a third of South African workers prefer a future work environment that consists of face-to-face and remote working, while many are opting for a fully virtual environment where they can work from any location.

While there are positives to remote working, there’s the downside of companies losing their humanness and running the risk of turning into cultureless environments. Even though tech has made people more connected than ever, it has taken away opportunities for co-workers to properly interact with each other, and with that, opportunities to acknowledge each other and express gratitude. Turns out fast-paced, hyper-connected environments are leaving little room for a simple thank you, showing appreciation and opportunities to celebrate each other’s successes.

The underlying worry for employers is that the more employees work remotely, the further they could drift apart. Such a drastic disconnect can negatively affect company culture, reduce productivity and even go so far as erode the bottom line. For this reason, rewards and recognition is becoming an indispensable tool for employee engagement.

Being recognised can show employees that not only are their efforts to better business results being noticed, but also that they are valued for it. In a time when mass restructuring and redundancy is rife, rewards and recognition instils both a sense of security in terms of value to the company and an appreciation for having a career that is still relevant.

From a managerial standpoint, recognition levels the playing field. Encouraging people across the board to acknowledge each other, makes peer-to-peer recognition more transparent, fair and inclusive. It’s a way for managers to galvanise teams, keep people motivated and connected with their teams and colleagues under harsh and ever-changing conditions.

So how do you go about implementing rewards and recognition in your business? There is an array of quality, affordable solutions available on the market. At Stratitude, we have launched a rewards and recognition platform that suits our business and empowers our people to heap praise on their peers and celebrate their achievements at any time. Our managers can see in real-time who has been recognised and for what, and can then decide on the contributions that are worthy of rewards.

Not only does rewards and recognition enable us as an agency to value our people for their hard work, but it also helps our team focus on what truly matters to us – to make a difference to our clients and their customers.

Talk to us about a digital R&R solution for your business or how to engage with your employees around R&R.