This article was written by Kendra Kelly, from Meyocks (USA)

ID8, a cooperative brainstorm game created by Meyocks, is an excellent example of finding new perspectives in creativity

“ID8 originated last summer when we were discussing ideas for a direct mail piece to our prospect list. We identified challenges marketing leaders and teams were having, and tools we could develop to solve those challenges. Holding effective brainstorming sessions was one of the challenges, and one we thought we could especially help solve”, says Kendra Kelly, Business Developer at Meyocks. 

There are many techniques to brainstorming and ID8 is just another tool in the toolbox. A few things that make ID8 different:

  • They gamified the process with cards, a die and a timer.
  • It’s focused on quantity, not quality. Idea evaluation comes after the game.
  • It gives everyone an equal opportunity to contribute.
  • It explores lateral and radical ways of looking at a challenge through the Idea Starter cards, while changing the environment of idea generation with Energizer cards.

I can’t say that our teams are using ID8 more now than they did pre-COVID, but it’s definitely a tool available to them when it makes sense. Cards can also be used to jumpstart individual brainstorming. Knowing that times are challenging, we offered up ID8 via a LinkedIn post last week as a goodwill gesture to marketer”, says Kendra.