How to get millenials to engage with your brand

How to get millenials to engage with your brand

Unlike many online dating apps, data doesn’t lie. Every day there are over 5 million matches and only 1 million of these turn into face-to-face dates. How many of these go well or end in disaster is unknown. But we’d say the disappointment stories outweigh the great ones.

Earlier this year Diesel launched a global integrated campaign for their new line of jeans – JoggJeans. Although scenes of intimacy have never been far removed from jeans ads in the past (think Calvin Klein and Levis), this campaign looks at the dating world ­from a different perspective – realistically, i.e. when it goes wrong.

This campaign hits home with Diesel’s target market – millenials. They live in a world of online dating, cat-fishing and rescue emergency calls, making for some great dating stories. Nielson’s recent Millenials on Millenials report showed that they don’t care if content is branded, they care about whether it speaks to them.

The JoggJeans campaign immediately separates itself from other fantastical ads by connecting with its audience in a truthful way. Rather than reminding them of what they perhaps don’t have, it’s saying, “We get it – it happens to all of us and it’s normal”.

One of the most effective ways to communicate to the millenial market is through someone whose opinion they trust. That’s why brands such as Daniel Wellington have become the sought-after watch brand among teens and young adults over the last few years. The 2017 influencer marketing campaign placed its sleek, modern watch faces in the social media feeds of hundreds of thousands of millenials, on the wrists of influencers they adore. In just one year, the campaign delivered a 31% increase in Instagram followers and over $62 million in earned media value.

Millenials are looking for these four things from branded content.

  1. Relatable, real storytelling
  2. Aligned to a cause
  3. Comes recommended (by friends, influencers, celebrities)
  4. Adds value (whether it’s giving them a laugh or a teaching them something, they’ll want to be the one to share it with their friends)

If you can nail at least three of them, you’re chances of winning them over will increase. See how DPR&Co helped Chisholm Institute hone in on a new truth about their students. The campaign is now live with TV, OOH, digital and geo-targeted social campaigns reaching millenials around Melbourne.