How P2P communications can transform your sales performance


P2PTM communications is the confluence of four customer optimisation activities: brand and retail advertising, CX/UX and nurture communications (retargeting etc).

The integration of these activities can be transformative. It delivers to the customer a focussed expression of value in every step of the decision process.

Consider a customer journey where every media channel – broadcast, digital, social and physical contact – is optimised for maximum impact through all of the key stages – evaluation, purchase, consuming, advocacy, and repurchase. A small increase in success at each stage has a compounding effect on the bottom line of the business.

The traditional agency model is not built to deliver pathway to purchase success. Its key focus and investment is at the top of the funnel, creating diminishing returns as those customers are “handed off”, either to internal teams, a CX provider/digital agency, or left to their own devices.

At DPR&Co our P2P approach brings all of the requisite skills under one point of management where they work in concert, in the singular interest of the client.

This has required us to combine a diverse suite of skills. Our in-house services now include business/brand strategy, research, audience analysis, media/channel strategy, creative and community management. We deliver CX/UX and technical skills through carefully framed partnerships.

This unified approach means we work with our clients as one team under one brief. Our clients’ KPIs (usually hard, financial objectives) become ours. No one partner can hide. Nobody can say they delivered their bit while the client is left to deal with sub-par ROI.

P2PTM is not for every business. It takes time, rigour and creativity to build the kind of engine that can deliver a compelling and unified customer journey. In some categories, the journey is simple, and customers make low-engagement decisions quickly and easily.

But more and more businesses are taking a rigorous view of the customer journey to ensure that every marketing dollar delivers incremental returns throughout the customer pathway.

Chisholm is now the fastest growing TAFE in Victoria, in very large part due to the success of this model. If you’d like to discover how we can achieve similar success for your business, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Phil Huzzard
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