This article was written by Klaudia Ceglarz, F11, Poland


“Poland is not a very large country, but it’s also not a small country” –  said one of our politicians. We were joking about these silly words back then, but when I take a look at it now, it seems… not like a huge discovery (obviously), but that’s how I would eventually describe Poland. Why I consider this as a good description now? Because it seems like we have a potential to grow, and growing means challenges, and challenges are exciting! 

According to research made by World Bank Group other countries should learn from Polish business industry two things: how to make connections and how to grow disruptively. Poland is very open towards foreign investments in our country and integrating domestic market into global markets in order to increase Polish business competitiveness. That is what connecting means. Growing signifies investing in human capital to boost technology and innovation. We have a huge potential in great technical universities and if you connected them with passion of people working in startups then you achieve huge success. Let me give you an example of such auspicious business. When it comes to start-ups, you should know Booksy which is the 1st mobile app for making appointments for beauty saloons and barber shops. It is the easiest system to manage business, receive online payments and get clients self-booking 24/7. Booksy is a successful start-up created in 2015, and now present in 8 different location on 5 continents with 1 millions appointments made by app monthly.  Taking into consideration all of it, I would say that Poland has the ambition to become a European hub for new technologies. 

According to Listonic research: 80% of Polish customers need less than one hour to buy all products that they need. It seems like the new currency here is …time. And that’s where we need technology and innovation. We need a good analytic as we need the right product to appear on the right channel for the right customer at the price that the customer is willing to pay at the right time. So now it’s a good moment to mention another brand which is OLX  – free advertising online platform. One of the most popular campaigns in 2019 in Poland was their campaign “What if?”. In the campaign OLX convinces users to preserve culture during conversations between buyers and sellers on the platform.  In the spots, we will see the consequences of using vulgarity in our online conversations with people we don’t know, cheating the other party or disregarding virtual contractors. (You can check the spot #1 here: It is a story of man who is using vulgar language to person online, and at the end of the video this person turns out to be his own mother). Why this campaign was so successful?

In my opinion OLX perfectly sensed the commonly social tension which was floating in the air at that time. OLX decided to speak up what everyone was thinking in their minds. If I could give you one key learning from this – it is tension, which is a heart of great brand idea that you can present. 


Please take a look at your laptop keyboard. Look for the button “F11”, push the button and see what will happen… Surely you have seen the “full screen”. That’s what we are trying to present to our clients. We are trying to provide our clients “full screen” of their actions and interactions with their customers. As F11, we are trying to be a union which connects – communication and technology. In my opinion good communication is a base of valuable relationships, and technology equip business in quality. We are offering service in: communication strategy, 27/7 online activities PR crisis management, public relations & influencers marketing, employer branding, media planning, production and technology.


Personally I have been in “move” for the past 5 years. I have been studying and working in Romania, Cyprus, China, United States and Sri Lanka. I just love traveling, but every time I am coming back to Poland like “boomerang” 🙂 

I am very happy I got engaged with AMIN network as it fill my life with what I love in traveling: meeting new people, sharing the culture,  the differences and the ideas. What I like about AMIN is that it provides you access to global network and knowledge, but at the same time letting you for your own independence. 


Are you open for international market? Amazing! But that’s not what “being global” is for me…I reckon that “being global” is a belief that my company can make a difference in the world, that my organization is interested in world issues, and enjoys taking responsibilities for improving the world. Basically, working towards corporate social responsibility and supporting Sustainable Development Goals. I know that for many people these terms may seem idyllic, but I can tell you that it’s possible. I have been part of student organization  for 5 years where all actions were focused towards SDGs support. If young people can do it, does corporate, and so do you.  I believe that thanks to current situation with COVID-19 “being global” is even more possible and valuable. How to act globally? Here are my tips!

It all begins with people

Global organization means for me working with set of people with different backgrounds and experience. The remote work that we get into during COVID-19 makes it easier to catch talent from all over the places. Amazing IT guy from Malaysia, creative graphic designer from Mexico, or awesome copywriter from France. People from same culture often have similar mindset which can limit your company. Give it a try, and try to mix your team members with employees from different countries to create more diverse workplace. This increases creativity within an organization when all these people bring different solutions on how to achieve company’s goal. 


Discover what matters

Being global means for me discovering what matters in the world and adapting our business strategy to that. During COVID-19 make sure to redefine purpose of your company. Make sure to continue your CSR activities. It is a self-regulating business model that helps companies to be conscious of the kind of impact they are having on all aspects of society, including economy, social life, and environment actions. Discover what matters now. For your employees, for your clients, for their customers, or for your partners. Observe and capture what matters, capture what you are learning, and save ideas which are not adequate now, but maybe later you will find them important! 


Keep exploring

Global organization means for me being open-minded and solution oriented. If you want your company to “be global” seek the unexplored. To find new market opportunities you have two paths. First one is to find the right problem to solve, and the second one is to get an amazing idea and check if market is ready for it. As Peter Drucker said “the customers rarely buys what the business thinks it sells him”. I strongly believe that people are not buying products, people are buying solution. 

To wrap up, if you are interested in global reach for your company discover all that’s possible and explore the unknown. Lastly, I will leave you with Sasha Carrion words “Everything is possible. It’s just a matter of figuring out the logistics”.