Global reach and the New Real

Global reach and the New Real


Australia is a land of contrasts. It’s the vast outback, and the world’s most refined latte. It’s the laid-back culture, but also but also the home to 5 of the world’s top 50 universities. We eat our coat of arms (kangaroo and emu), but we also proudly prepare cuisine from around the world – serving up 2 of the world’s top 50 restaurants. We’re home to some of the world’s cutest animals and lots of the most-deadly. It’s true we’re a laid-back bunch, but also being quick to spring to the defence of others (a bit like Chris Hemsworth). Sport is an integral part of our culture, some may say we’re a little obsessed. These are just a few reasons why Australia is such an amazing, interesting and diverse place to live.

At DPR&Co, we’re pretty stoked (thrilled, in Australian terms) to be located in Melbourne, arguably the best city in the world. We’re all pretty hyped up on caffeine here, but known to lead a slower pace to our sister city, Sydney.  Melbourne is a blend of famous street art, lush green parks and world-class restaurants. You name it, we cook it and make it look as good as art.

When it comes to Australian campaigns, some are controversial, some ludicrous. But mostly brilliant. Some of our most iconic campaigns include the Cannes winning Grim Reaper HIV campaign because it was created by our Chairman, Siimon Reynolds. This changed the course of AIDS infection in Australia. Rhonda and Katut has a special place in our hearts. This commercial was also a Cannes winner and the creation of which was led by our ECD Richard Ralphsmith. See the series at this linkAnd a very special ode to our love of beer, The Big Ad.  

Ads say a lot about the culture of a nation. Ours can be scary, or cuddly, or hedonistic. Yep. That’s us in a nutshell.



DPR&Co is for clients seeking a step-change in performance. We create and revitalise brands to help B2B and B2C clients attract, convert and delight customers. We also help to shift community attitudes through the social marketing campaigns we deliver for government. We begin with data-informed insights into people and markets, applying them to create communications and brand experiences that inspire dramatic change.

DPR&Co’s process for engaging clients in the creative ideation process is unique. Like other agencies, we strategise to create a reverse brief with an insightful single-minded proposition. After that, however, our approach is very different.

We don’t keep our clients in the dark waiting for a big creative reveal (or even a tissue session). Instead, much earlier in the process, we engage our clients with a series of simple but insightful statements that our creative and strategy teams have developed together. Each statement is what we call a New Real.

A New Real is a new truth that we’ve uncovered about the relationship between a brand and its customers.

We use this process as the basis for a collaborative workshop to identify and agree on the fundamental direction for creative development. This means our client knows we’re being creative within an agreed strategic window well before they see the campaign options.

In every case, both corporate or government clients have engaged enthusiastically and positively in the New Real process. It was the foundation for the Victorian government SafeScript campaign (a case study is included in this profile).

 Over the past few years, DPR&Co has delivered:

  •   A 45% increase in enrolments for a 40,000 student plus tertiary education institute
  •   1800% ROI through the acquisition of 300,000 new customers for an ambulance insurance product
  •   Taken Australia’s #3 cleaning products company to #1
  •   Gained a 51% uptake of a prescription monitoring program to limit prescription drug abuse
  •   Created a marketing strategy and a series of campaigns that led to $4.1b in regional growth in the State of Victoria
  •   Donated 8 fully integrated campaigns to a major Victorian charity


We joined AMIN Worldwide in 2015 as the founding APAC member (there are now 6 APAC members). Agency Principal Phil Huzzard leads the APAC network and holds a position on the AMIN Global Board. 

We advocate for:

  • Shared insights and best practice – we advocated for the sharing of business development documents and case studies
  • Global client delivery – we were a pioneer of transnational client delivery with Simantel and CVR. We’re now pioneering global cooperative pitch ideation with ComOn and CVR.
  • AMIN 2021: Asia Rising – we will host the first AMIN Global Conference in Bangkok in June 2021.

We’re inspired by the excellence and passion of our partner firms. There’s just so much to learn from them. We’re also enjoying many well-formed and emerging friendships.


Being Global

‘Global’ for us means access a network of talented people and insights that enable us to remain globally connected and relevant. As an independent agency in Australia, we constantly compete with agencies that are part of global networks. It’s important that we’re able to demonstrate reach and global insight. The AMIN network provides that.

A global orientation means stepping outside of the confines of country or state and being able to adopt a global view. It contributes to us attaining thought leadership position within our region/country. The learning and sharing enabled by the AMIN network are important parts of this. Like any network or partnership, however, you only get out what we put in. So being active in the network and contributing knowledge and insights to add to that global AMIN view will give your business the best opportunity to benefit. 

AMIN enables connections to global client opportunities. This is very important to us in Australia because, in many instances, we often find that there are satellite operations of global businesses that we can connect with through AMIN. There are global brands based in Australia. For those, the AMIN network is of interest, although we’ve yet to originate a global opportunity (we’re working on one now).

In terms of clients we’ve worked on with international AMIN members, Caterpillar is the best example of an engagement that demonstrates the power of the network. We’ve previously worked closely with Simantel on Caterpillar projects where we’ve taking a global campaign property and executing within the Australia and New Zealand markets. We’ve also been the beneficiary of client opportunities through the network such as Varidesk (referred by Owen Hannay) and a project with CVR for JD Sport where DPR&Co was the lead agency supported by AsiaWorks to deliver the APAC contribution. In terms of Australian-originated clients, we’re currently responding to a pitch for New Zealand Natural Ice Cream with assistance from comOn and CVR. 


[ this article was written by DPR&Co´s team ]