Festivals: more than a window for creative talent, a space to nurture motivation

Festivals: more than a window for creative talent, a space to nurture motivation

KIDS is a strategic creative agency located in Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city and one of its most relevant territorial icons in terms of creativity and design.  The jury of the World Design Organisation (WDO) announced its decision last year to designate Valencia World Design Capital 2022. This is an incomparable opportunity for the city to show the world the potential of Valencian design, of its designers and its firms, as well as the commitment of its institutions. The fact that KIDS is Valencian has given us real flex in art direction and design, comprised of true professionals.


Since the 1980s, the Spanish ad sector has been characterized by its creative investment. After the recession that shook the world in 2008, brands became even more aware of the importance of communications in the business and financial sector. Bang in the middle of this crisis KIDS was born – from the conviction that in times of greatest need it is fundamental to strike a difference and be relevant. For almost ten years we have been creating campaigns that effectively generate impact and word of mouth. Meanwhile we have been developing and honing our capabilities in the realm of brands and how to build them. This blend of services enables us to compete with advertising agencies or groups, design studios and even brand consultants.

The worldwide pandemic is another event that has disrupted the panorama in our sector, forcing clients and agencies to rethink their mission and goals before an uncertain future. As in the previous crisis, these are times to bet on solid branding, on understanding the context and what society demands. The pandemic has created a need in consumers for brands to be more sincere and plausible in the place they occupy in society. Now more than ever, agencies analyze everything a brand does in its most vital moments to understand its relationship to consumers. To ensure its position and strengthen its identity is fundamental. Moreover, the fresh context means that once and for all the Spanish market is committed to the total digitalization of every sector.


One of the most iconic Spanish campaigns during lockdown was “Dinero” (Money) by Bankinter. The brand sought to humanize money and support society through an emotional piece and an aspirational song. The brand managed to fulfill its promise to humanize money by delaying mortgage payments for all its customers.

As for festivals, we have always seen them not just as a window to display our creative talent but as a space in which to learn and nurture motivation. Before COVID-19 we had our doubts about our value on a business footing, and our ideas drew us increasingly towards more specialized festivals, whether by theme or geographical region, with the aim that we might have an effective impact on the financial results.

Nowadays many of these have been canceled. The 35th El Sol, Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication, has been postponed. Other festivals have helped to sustain the sector over time, stepping back from a more traditional take and adapting to society’s new needs. One of these is CdeC, a festival led by the Creatives Club of Spain, which, apart from its annual celebration, offers talks and training throughout the year from the sector’s most sought-after professionals. The Efis, prizes awarded at the Effectiveness Festival has likewise become a key date after the appearance of strategic planners throughout Spain. Festivals of design, strategy and packaging brim with opportunities for us as agencies to showcase our work and gain recompense in some way.


In recent years KIDS has been committed to the CdeC Spanish National Creativity Awards, to pinpoint where we are in creative terms regarding the finest agencies nationwide. Last year one of our campaigns (HUHA wine) was a finalist among the country’s best. As far as festivals in our region go, La Lluna lets us position ourselves as leaders on our home turf. And then there are the BEST AWARDS, the most important food festival around, where for three years in a row we have been in the national TOP3 thanks to campaigns like DACSA Rice, KOROKO Eggs, Bodegas Arraez and Fartóns POLO.

Covid-19 has prompted many festivals to mull the possibility of transforming, albeit briefly, into online platforms. We still do not know what impact this time will have on the sector, but as well as awards we will miss getting to see each other. Festivals are not merely a way of rewarding professionals; they are also a framework for learning, meeting one another and hope.


[ This article was written by KIDS´s team ]