Explore Minnesota Tourism ‘Find Your True North’ Case Study

Explore Minnesota Tourism ‘Find Your True North’ Case Study

True Media


Explore Minnesota Tourism was searching for a positioning strategy to build visitorship in an authentic way and expand reach nationally.


The agency set strong measurement KPIs in short and long term, focusing in short term on impressions, site traffic and new users on exploreminnesota.com, and in long term on proprietary research, brand lift and visits via foot traffic and geofence conversions.


The agency wanted to target Explore Minnesota Tourism’s many audiences at a national level with the content they wanted to see, where and when they wanted to see it — all with the ultimate goal to drive visits to Minnesota.

To complement the omnichannel approach, True Media incorporated an innovative, always-on SEM strategy to expand the campaign into new markets by targeting audiences that had already found their “True North.”

The targeting strategy stood on two levels:

  • Raising awareness through creatives designed to deliver the greatest reach possible, targeting cultural explorers and spontaneous adventurers segments across Minnesota, neighboring states and Canada.
  • A passion targeting strategy as an innovative approach to naturally expand the campaign into three custom audience groups: the Hikers, the Arts & Culture Seekers and The Bikers, identified by those with an existing passion for these specific Minnesota activities and a connection to the state. Content partnerships were developed with relevant, recognizable, brands to create custom content showcasing Minnesota and encouraging consideration of the state as a destination for their passion.


The campaign generated $18 ROI for every dollar spent which represents an 80% YOY increase.

232 million impressions delivered 2.5 million website visits to increase site traffic 5% and time on site 8%.