EMEA Exchange Week: between Finland and Portugal

EMEA Exchange Week: between Finland and Portugal

Heidi Vidgren, Insight Director at Avidly Suomi experienced an AMIN EMEA Exchange Week at ComOn, in Lisbon.
At the end of the week, Heidi did a presentation about her experience in another agency. The conclusion is that although agencies may do things differently, the content of their work is very similar.
For her, the main difference was actually in the schedule. Portuguese and Finnish people are opposites when it comes to this matter, in Avidly people are early birds while in comOn people are mainly night owls.
See an overview of her main learnings:
  • Arrived every morning at the office with Uber (which has been definitely my most trusted app when in here but not the most usual app when arriving to the office in Helsinki :))
  • Days seem to start a bit later here (many of my colleagues start the day at 8 am or even earlier – early birds are much admired in Finland)
  • Lunch hour seems a bit more relaxed an takes place later than in Finland. Longest queues in Finnish lunch restaurants are at 11am (and many try to do the lunch as quickly as possible to leave home at 4pm)
  • Avidly agency is empty around 5pm while here it seems still crowded
  • The average age at our Helsinki office is 40 years. In Comon I would say a lot less 🙂



  • In terms of people and expertise, it seems people in Comon have more versatile backgrounds. I think we could learn from that!
  • You also have more people working from other countries than us (though there is one not finnish person in our office – Marco from Portugal)


  • We people working in the field of marketing and our work challenges are not that different!
  • All the people I have met I could easily imagine working in Avidly teams
  • So, you are most welcome to explore office life and ways of working in Finland!