Edouard Rencker co-authors a new book

Edouard Rencker co-authors a new book

"Business: Change or Die in Response to the Uberisation of the World"

The new book from Edouard Rencker, CEO of the Makheia group, and Denis Marquet, communications director of Crédit Agricole, called “Entreprise: Muter ou Périr Face à l’Ubérisation du Monde” is now out in bookshops.

The book’s message is clear: the corporate world is experiencing a genuine revolution as a result of the digitisation of relations, increasing reliance on computers, connected objects, social media and collaborative sharing. A revolution which “is unsettling global economies, shaking monopolies… going as far as to call into question authority and the organisation of labour relations and communications.”

From digitisation of the world to the management of relations within companies, the authors propose solutions to reinvent business.

Only available in French