As social distancing and lockdowns force people to spend their time indoors, everyone is turning to the internet to stay connected and informed. During this time, people are embracing social media, apps and other digital platforms to the point where we’re seeing an unprecedented increase in screen time.

To survive, businesses need to adapt, not only in how they operate, but also in how they offer value and how they find, engage and sell to their customers. Now, more than ever, customers are looking for quality online content. Here are some ideas on how your business can ride this wave with meaningful, high-quality content.

Create your own coronavirus content hub

Create a dedicated landing page on your website to act as a content hub for all your coronavirus-related business updates and information. How much content you publish depends on the nature of your business, but the key is to put it all in one place and make it easy to find from your homepage.

Watch this video for tips on what content to host on this page.

Click here to see an example of a web page we created for PLP Group.

Find logical connections to trending topics

Keep an eye on stories and topics that are trending and identify opportunities to link them back to your brand. However, it is important to ensure that a topic you plan on leveraging is a logical fit for your brand and to use good judgement on whether it’s appropriate (the coronavirus is a global health crisis so consider carefully how you handle this).

Here’s an example of how we kept our insurance client, Indwe Risk Services, relevant by commenting and giving advice on how businesses can better manage their business continuity risk during this time:

Offer real value now to maximise sales later

In the short-term, your sales might have to take a backseat. It’s a bold decision to continue marketing while your income is declining, but see this as an opportunity to engage with your customers through valuable, brand-building content. Businesses and people will buy again after the lockdown period, and this is your opportunity to be remembered long after the lockdown has been lifted.

Remind your audience that you’re open for business

Going underground and cutting back on marketing during a crisis makes your customers wonder whether your business is still operating. Your audience still expects content that adds value. Keep on creating, sharing and posting content to show your customers that you are still here.

Build a bank of content to use later

Now is the perfect opportunity to build a bank of content to use when lockdown has ended – you can develop content now around which you can build entire campaigns in the future. Opinion pieces (not necessarily related to lockdown), eBooks, infographics and Q&As are some examples of content that you can build now and re-use, recycle and repackage for different platforms at a later stage.

Also think about using this time to collaborate with other industry players, experts and opinion leaders. Most business leaders are open to this now, so use this opportunity to create content that has a long shelf-life and won’t date.

As much as we have to look after our health and safety during this time, you have to keep your brand healthy and safe too. Life will go back to normal – ensure your business can do the same.

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