Garden Morris Packaging

Garden Morris Packaging

Packaging and food ingredient leader rebrands with fresh new look and launches new product range

Global packaging specialists Garden Morris Packaging have changed their name to GMPF to reflect a broader product offering. In addition, the South African-based company also has a new website, brand and consumer product range, all designed and implemented by integrated agency Stratitude.

“Our very first task was coming up with a new name for a brand that has a 20-year history in the B2B industry,” says Stella Carter, head of client service at Stratitude. “Garden Morris Packaging was named after owner Barbara Queally’s childhood home in Ireland and while we wanted to retain an element of this heritage, we needed the new name to encompass their expanded product range, which now includes food ingredients. From this, GMPF was born.”

Along with the new name, Stratitude also designed a fresh, clean logo and brand. The old logo was a leaf design and this, together with the name Garden Morris, had an association to gardening, which the company wanted to move away from.

“Our thinking behind the logo was to keep the green but to use a fresh, crisp green and pair it with turquoise. These colours symbolise the trust that GMPF’s clients put in the business, as well as the growth that comes as a result of partnering with the business,” explains Carter. “Each letter is offset and packaged in a ‘box’, to illustrate how GMPF can source and pack any shape or size product that a customer needs.

The next step for the agency was to develop a portal that would capture all the GMPF service and product offerings, whilst also allowing the company to easily showcase their portfolio to the various industries they cater to.

According to Carter, “Our challenge was that GMPF has such a big and broad product offering and the new portal needed to fully show their end-to-end service offering. To make it easy for each target market to navigate on the site, we grouped together products and brands and made the offerings stand out. The website is clean, crisp and corporate, which is in line with their new brand.”

The third element required of Stratitude was to develop a brand for GMPF’s direct to consumer product range.

“We’ve created the Tastefully Yours range of products, which is for the home baker. Our inspiration for the logo was the humble chocolate button that’s so delicious you just have to take a bite out of it. This ‘bite mark’ forms part of the logo, as all the Tastefully Yours products are mouth-watering and simply irresistible,” says Carter.

To launch the brand, Stratitude designed the branding for the first Tastefully Yours Factory Shop in Bedfordview.

“I started Garden Morris Packaging in 1997 and so I had a personal connection to the old brand and the name, but I’m thrilled with how Stratitude has tacked the entire project. They captured the essence of what GMPF does, while honouring the history of the name,” says Barbara Queally, owner of GMPF.

GMPF is the gifting, packaging and food ingredient market leader in South Africa. Visit the website at: