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#DeleteFacebook? More like #BusinessAsUsual.


Here’s what we think the data collection scandal means for targeted advertising.

Digital Project Manager

by Brooke Hanson, Digital Project Manager

In the wake of the latest Facebook user data scandal, clients have been looking to us to answer one question: what does all of this mean for targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook? We think: not much.

It’s true, 50 million of Facebook’s users had their profiles, and their friend’s profiles, and their friends’ friend’s profiles scraped for information. It’s like a digital STD hit the Facebook community. Users are outraged, and rightfully so. The #DeleteFacebook boycott campaign is popping up in newsfeeds everywhere, and even major advertisers are taking a stand. Big players like Mozilla, Sonos and Pep Boys have all publicly announced they have pulled at least some advertising efforts from Facebook, but we believe it’s really only a temporary move to drive home the point about the importance of safeguarding user profiles. Mozilla has stated they are “pressing pause” on their ad campaigns, but also noted that they appreciate CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s promise for increased improvement of data privacy efforts on the platform, leading us to believe they will indeed be back. Sonos will only turn their campaigns dark for a week, and Pep Boys has said that they are simply halting until corrective action is taken.

Facebook looks bad right now. The stock is down and trust among the online community is not high. But with 2 billion users and a promise to uphold their responsibility to protect information going forward, will this be the demise of Facebook? We think not. Our client campaigns certainly aren’t targeting all 2 billion users. We’re targeting only highly-focused, specific audience segments and making sure our clients’ budgets are reaching only those within the set parameters. So even if half of the Facebook community disappeared (and we don’t think it will) we are still maintaining highly effective campaigns for our clients.