Creating for good

Creating for good

I know, I know, people are tired of talking and reading about Covid-19. We became monothematic and all the other stories of our lives are just waiting for their time to be back to the spotlight. 

Sorry to upset you, but I will not say anything else. I promise I will say it with a different perspective. A positive one. My angle here is: which projects are emerging during this quarantine that should be remembered after all of this comes to an end? 

First of all, one disclaimer: I live in Portugal, so I might be influenced by this fact in my choices. The idea here is to show you some projects that appeared during this crisis and that should inspire us – as marketeers, creatives, or just people trying to give their best during this time.


1. People are losing their jobs
but are doing a kindness chain

This is already a reality in many countries. And what people are doing in linkedin? A kindness chain. I saw a friend’s post on linkedin saying “ok, guys, in this company 20 people got fired. But this one is an excellent developer, that one is a great copywriter, this guy is the best creative director I’ve ever worked with. Companies, why don’t you give them a chance?”. 

Of course brands are doing it too. To support the industry through the pandemic, The One Club for Creativity launched a free service for connecting job seekers with agencies, design studios, production companies and brand marketers looking to fill positions. The One Club COVID-19 Jobs Board is free to use and open to any person or company in the industry; a One Club membership is not necessary. The service will span full-time positions, project work, freelance assignments and internships across all levels of experience. The One Club said companies worldwide can submit job postings for immediate openings, as well for opportunities expected in the future once the pandemic is over.


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2. We have too much time in our homes
but entertainment became live, free and diverse 

Can’t go to the gym? Don’t worry, you can participate in this class, every day, live, for free! Can’t do your yoga time? Just take your laptop and participate in this yoga class on youtube, only you and your teacher. Can’t go to that play? Don’t worry, you can do museum tours here. Missed that concert? Artists around the globe go to your house to do a one-to-one concert. 

We are receiving many stimuli. Lives and more lives. We have to be careful with the excess, but I see this movement as very positive.

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3. Small and local businesses are suffering the impact of the lockdown
but the community is organizing to help

This is one of the most beautiful actions, in my opinion. It’s fair to support the small ones, and I saw a lot of good initiatives in this matter. Some of them you can see below: 

  • #PayItForwardLIVE: In March, Verizon ‎found a way to support small businesses and bring people together—virtually, that is. Partnering with Twitter’s Live Brand Studio, it launched‎#PayItForwardLIVE to inspire community action through entertainment. ‎#PayItForwardLIVE is an eight-week livestream series featuring performances by the world’s top artists and entertainers. Its goal is to raise money and rally support for small businesses affected by COVID-19. The result: 100% net positive brand sentiment, the highest for a Twitter live-stream.
  • was developed to help local businesses in Brazilian cities advertise their services during the quarantine times. The objective is to connect small businesses who might not be so tech-savvy with customers nearby.
  • – Because of Covid-19, your favorite places are behind closed doors. Most will not endure more than 1-2 months without customers and will have to make drastic decisions, such as firing staff, or going bankrupt. A website that sells vouchers to help small businesses. 


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4. We are spending a LOT of time online
Twitter, Vimeo, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Video Conference. How are these platforms being used to help the corona crisis?

  • Snapchat / “My Social Distance lense”: Snapchat’s latest set of lenses come with a timely reminder of the importance of social distancing. The app introduced two new lenses, created in collaboration with the World Health Organization, that use augmented reality to serve users with tips on how to stay healthy. One, labeled “My Social Distance,” encourages users to “practice social distancing” and creates an AR circle on the ground to help visualize the necessary space recommended by the WHO and other health organizations. 
  •  IKEA / Videoconference: Thinking of all the people who are currently telecommuting, IKEA launched several backgrounds – available on the website – to create “a professional and organized environment in all video calls, whatever the division”.
  • Dona Maria II Theatre / Vimeo: D. Maria II is closed, but not necessarily more distant from its spectators. As a way to encourage the Portuguese to include theater in their new routines, they took the online initiative D. Maria II em Casa to the stage. Every Friday and Saturday, at 9 pm, a new show is launched at Sala Online (on Vimeo), selected from the dozens of productions and co-productions that took the stage of D. Maria II in recent years. The shows are then available to view or review at any time.
  • Procter & Gamble / Tik Tok: Procter & Gamble launched the #distancedance challenge on Tik Tok and promised to donate to Feeding America & Matthew25 for the first 3 million videos with the hashtag. Tik Tok Charli D’Amelio’s It Girl – who is also the most followed content creator on the platform – joined the cause.
  • Acalma online / website and videocalls: is a Portuguese free online psychological support project. The platform has as its basic objectives the promotion of immediate relief from the psychological impact of the crisis created by COVID-19 and the support to the development of psychological skills to deal with the challenges arising from the current pandemic, and counts on properly trained Clinical Psychology professionals for the It is made.
  • Emojinal support / new emojis: Quarantine is really starting to take a toll on everyone’s mental health, and what better way to express how we’re feeling than with 100+ new emojis? Legendary designer and Young Guns 8 winner Jessica Walsh and her team of designers at &Walsh are gracing our hearts with a brand new line of emojis. These emojis are hitting right when we need them the most. Peep the golden roll of toilet paper, the “Be My Quarantine” love letter, and the beautiful can of rosé (since we are all dreaming of the summer.)


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Yep, maybe I should stop writing now because the list gets longer and longer. While I am writing this text, other inspiring projects are being created. I hope that we will continue to use our energy for good. Inventing, producing and imagining a better scenario. Creating for good, that’s what I believe.