DPR&Co Chisholm

Case Study – Chisholm: Chase your calling


Victoria’s TAFE sector has been challenged this past year with a variety of factors at play, including government policies and the uncapping of university placements.

Chisholm saw the opportunity for a brand re-positioning to reconnect with potential students, whilst engaging with students throughout the entire student lifecycle.


Research uncovered a profound insight that drove our approach. When Australians were posed with the question: what does personal success mean to you? 57% answered, “being happy”. While Chisholm’s competitors were talking about themselves and their role in helping students to succeed, the answer became obvious. Our campaign would talk only of students – what it is that could help them achieve the elusive goal of happiness?

Our New Real creative process enables us to collaborate on creative directions without diminishing the energy of the ideas. Through this process we create around six short statements, each one a new truth about the relationship between your brand and your customers. The chosen New Real statement forms the basis of your campaign. The New Real for Chisholm: Be one of the fortunate few who do what calls them, rather than what befalls them. From this, we produced three alternative campaign ideas. The chosen idea: Chase Your Calling.

Real Chisholm students featured in the campaign, which launched in stages during the lead up to the principal enrolment period across digital, radio and out-of-home, cinema, free-to-air and pay TV media.


According to Ipsos data, prompted advertising recognition rose dramatically from 21% in 2017 to 50% in 2018, while recall rose by 138%.

The campaign was named dual finalist in both the Education and Brand Revitalisation categories of the AMI Awards and won the Victorian Education category.