Building brands that matter – in our own country and anywhere

Building brands that matter – in our own country and anywhere

This article was written by CVR´s team

Founded in 1910, Caldwell VanRiper Inc (CVR) is the longest running advertising and PR firm in the Midwest.  The fundamentals that our founders preached about telling a compelling story to change behavior is still true today.

We have four core values:

  •   Make it a great place to work
  •   Do extraordinary work for good people
  •   Be respectful and understanding
  •   Think differently

We hold our clients and employees to these core values. And we have fired both for not living these values.

We have been part of our community for over 100 years, so we feel an obligation to help improve it while we are here. So our philosophy is about “Building Brands That Matter”.  To us, this means working for brands that make life better in our community (city, state, country and world).  It is also the filter by which we choose clients.

Some examples of these brands include Allison – which is improving the way the world works (but getting it done faster), Forum Credit Union, which is a member-owned financial institution that gives money back to its members and to local charities, and the Indiana Family Social Services Administration (FSSA) that helps care for the health and wellbeing of all Hoosiers, including people with disabilities and the elderly.



CVR is located in Indianapolis. This city is known as the crossroads of America. Three major highways intersect in Indiana which makes 75% of the U.S. population within a one day drive. That is why Indianapolis, nicknamed “Indy”, does so well in the transportation and logistics industry moving goods around the United States.

We are most famous for the largest sporting event in the world – The Indy 500. This race in May attracts over 350,000 spectators.  It represents the ultimate in speed, innovation and determination.

We are very proud to be part of this community, but we are more proud to be a global agency.

For CVR, we are global when we can create relevant communication for any culture in the world – in our own country and anywhere.  This goes beyond translation to interpretation and a relevant connection to the culture.



We rejoined AMIN in 2011. We had been members in the 1970’s and 80’s, but were purchased by another AMIN agency in 1999. We bought ourselves back in 2009. We joined AMIN to give us a competitive advantage and to be able to service large multi-national manufacturers that exist in Indiana but market around the world.

Joining AMIN allowed CVR to win the Allison Transmission account which we pitched jointly with Campagne in 2014 and won.  We were attending the AMIN Global Conference in Switzerland when Allison called to ask if we had any global capabilities before they sent out the RFP. It was quite a coincidence that I was at this conference when they asked the question.


Kevin Flynn’s testimony, President AMIN Americas/President, CVR, says a lot about the agency’s participation in the AMIN network:

“I have made a lot of great friends on the network, and they have taught me a lot. I trust and respect the other members and I have grown personally and professionally and so has my agency since we rejoined AMIN.  We were one of the smallest agencies when we joined but since we have doubled our size so it is paying off. I enjoy traveling so that is a nice perk of AMIN and being on the Board – to be able to travel all over the world to meet with my peers and to see other cultures. Many of our staff are engaged in different Peer Groups such as HR, Social, Interactive, and Media. They share ideas and feedback on different sources and vendors and learn a lot from each other”.