Brands and societies are becoming too loud

Manuel Faria, CEO at Indigo, shared his vision about sound at AMIN Lisboa Conference, and made us rethink the power of audio branding.

Manuel Faria has devoted his time to Audio Branding, being an active member of the Audio Branding Society. He created his own audio post-production company, Índigo, which has won, until today, the title of Best Audio Production Company for 15 years in a row. He was one of the speakers of AMIN Lisboa conference and you can read some of his inspiring thoughts in this article.  

“Sound is everywhere, our hearing system doesn’t sleep, we hear every sound around us and it affects us in many ways. Sometimes in a good way, many times in a bad way”.  Manuel said we feel everything with hearing, and he proved it using images and sounds. 

“This is a bomb. An image of a bomb. And this is the sound of a bomb. Can you feel it? The sound can actually bite you.”

This theme is huge, complex and we still have a lot to discover about it. For example, only 2% of the sound that enters our ears is perceived consciously. In Manuel’s words, “We don´t actually know what we are hearing”. And when it comes to Marketing sounds, this became a little more chaotic. 

“In marketing, is all about talking. Buy this thing, take this chance. They are not listening anymore, the brands are getting louder, we are being too noisy. We have to be more careful and take advantage of the power of sound in a more clever way, in a more creative way, and not just go on shouting at the consumers”. And completed by saying “The James Bond brand is a great example. They changed everything, the actors, the clothes, the scenarios. But they didn’t change the music. It’s all about that.”

“We hate silence. When we are in complete silence we start to hear our heart beating, our blood going through our veins, and after that, the tympanum gets a noise because we are not used to silence.” 

Shhh. Let´s hear what Manuel has to say in the video below.