Best OF EMEA – Brand Campaign for SAKA

By Avidly



Saka wanted to renew its brand, raise awareness and fix the image of the used car sales. It also wanted to change the traditional way of doing business. Key persons and major part of sales people come from outside the used car business. They have a genuine passion to do good business and serve customers well.

After a brand renewal in 2018, Avidly worked on a second brand campaign in Spring 2020, focusing on better customer service. During the campaign Saka’s used car sales grew more than 55% and they hired more than 100 sales persons.


In Spring 2021, in the purpose of fighting the bad stigma on used car sales, Avidly worked on a new brand campaign, again without showing a single car in the their advertising.


The brand campaign “Yes, Yes” put the focus on better customer service:

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 15.34.36


Saka’s revenue has grown from 91,1 mill. to  358 mill. €

Saka is now established itself as one of the biggest companies in used car sales and is the fastest grower in the business.