The ‘’Art of Smart’’

The ‘’Art of Smart’’

Rival’s Algorithmic Art Campaign by Stone Ward


Off-the-shelf-software is becoming more common in the industry, it’s perceived not as a competitive advantage, but simply as a tool for the trader to execute their own strategy, and this strategy is the secret sauce. This is where good traders rise to the top.

Today, these traders are armed with PHDs and sophisticated tools. Since these tools make millions of trades faster than a human can blink, the rewards – and the risks – are high. While traders continue to look for an edge, firms are investing more heavily in risk management tools to protect themselves from the unexpected.


When Stone Ward embarked on consumer-research for this project, they discovered a chamber of secrets darker than any found in the Potter universe. Because of the opportunities to make money – and beat others to it – there isn’t much knowledge-sharing about tactics or software. But they persisted and discovered that the relationship between a trader and his software isn’t as tight as you might expect.

The Rival product ecosystem empowers both traders and risk managers to implement their strategies with the real-time data and sophisticated calculations not found in competitor products. How can a marketing campaign break through the veil of silence and make people care enough to consider a new brand? How to demonstrate that a smarter tool will actually lead to a smarter strategy?


After conducting user-testing sessions, it was clear that feature-oriented messaging just wasn’t going to cut it. So instead of being all-talk, Stone Ward strategy for the campaign was to demonstrate Rival’s value in an unexpected way. To do this, they hired a digital artist to create an algorithm. But an algorithm – like a trading strategy – is only as good as the input it’s given, so Stone Ward team provided troves of data from key events and facets of the trading industry. The message is clear: real-time market data plus big-picture thinking enables smart strategies to come to life. They call it “The Art of Smart”


“Our existing messaging was’t doing enough to penetrate a crowded market and make deeper connections with traders and risk managers. Stone Ward’s brand positioning process helped us to think about our company as an innovator in the space, so we knew our next campaign needed to be bold and unique to show audiences that Rival is a step ahead. When they shared the idea for “The Art of Smart” we knew we had it.” – Rob D’Arco, CEO, Rival Systems.