AMIN Lisboa: this is how we beat our blind spots

AMIN Lisboa: this is how we beat our blind spots

AMIN EMEA Conference took place in Lisbon and had really interesting outcomes. Check it out!

AMIN Lisboa ended on Saturday (09/11), but we needed some days to recover… What a great conference! Almost 50 people from 18 agencies gathered in Lisbon to get inspired by speakers with different backgrounds. It was a full agenda and in this article you can see an overview.



“Welcome to LEE-SH-BO-AH!”. Yep, this is how we say Lisbon in Portuguese. The way we say this word reflects the vibe of the city: with the mouth wide open, the sound comes out like a song.  Besides that, “boa” in Portuguese means “good”. How beautiful is that?

Ricardo Pereira, CEO of comOn, welcomed all the attendees with beautiful words, and everyone had the chance to know HOOD, comon´s office. 

The illusionist Ivan Santos did some magic tricks to show that the blind spots are all around us – and that´s ok! Why don´t we have fun with them? And at the end, Build Up Labs team, the start up studio of comOn, presented their work in a fun game of investment.


08/11: The second day of the conference 

The main day of AMIN Lisboa had talks, break-out sessions, parallel challenges and discussions that invited the attendees to share their perspectives. It was a full day, with really interesting outputs.

Jack Skeels came all the way from LA to talk about the future of agencies (we will share an article about the main outputs of this talk). João Cepeda, president of Time Out Market, shared the story behind the brand transformation from magazine to immersive experience (wait to an article for this content too). 

The break-out sessions were about People & Culture, Innovation and Business Development, and the attendees worked really hard to show the group some work. 

The day ended with a great dinner on Clube do Bacalhau, a traditional Portuguese restaurant specialized in cod.


09/11: The third and last day 

After a fun night in Lisboa, the attendees were a little tired (yep, we get it), but this wasn´t enough to take out the energy of the conference.

Sérgio Carvalho presented his thoughts on the emerging idea of a CXO, the new CMO, based on his own experience at Fidelidade. Manuel Faria argued that sound can actually bite you, proving the importance of audio branding. The winners of AMIN Young Creators, our competition for AMIN members below 30, presented their inspiring work.


Many thanks for everyone who made AMIN LISBOA such a special conference.

New highlights will be uploaded here and in our social channels, so keep your eyes peeled.