#AdAgency Runs Old School #NewspaperAd To Get Attention On #SocialMedia

#AdAgency Runs Old School #NewspaperAd To Get Attention On #SocialMedia

In an unprecedented move, Kruskopf & Company ran a newspaper ad congratulating Amy Klobuchar on her recent presidential run.

“It was a bit of a surprise when the brief came down for a black and white newspaper ad. I had to check the date on the brief to make sure it wasn’t from 1999,” said Creative Director Robb Burnham.

The quarter-page ad utilized one color, one font, and single, tastefully placed logo. The message of the ad was simple: congratulate Amy on making Minnesota proud. Up against a tight, old school print deadline, the team moved quickly to get it out the door in a day.

“I have no idea what any of you are talking about,” said President and digital guy Chris Actis, “but it sounds cool.”

“But if people click the page, where does it go?” asked the (former) intern, right before his internship was cut short, but not before he learned a valuable lesson that getting right to the truth helps make an ad stand out. Even in print.

“I have to admit,” said CEO Sue Kruskopf. “It’s kind of nice doing an ad my mom can cut out and hang on the fridge.”