A great awards season for Simantel!

Our Illinois based member agency Simantel has been rewarded with not less than four awards from the prestigious Hermes Creative Awards 2021 and The Telly Awards 2021. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the winning campaigns and programs:

  • Simantel’s original podcast program “Marketing Sweats” 
Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 00.32.00

At the core, Marketing Sweats is a podcast that focuses on what it really takes to be a marketer in today’s world: Part business-savvy-quick-thinking-leader and part hardworking-whatever-it-takes-go-getter. 

The objective behind the podcast is to bring listeners the real stories behind of how these marketers, strategists and leaders pour themselves into getting the job done right, covering topics from marketing to leadership to customer experience and everything in between.

After just one year in the podcasting game, hosting 30+ guests and garnishing almost 10,000 downloads, Simantel has now won Gold in the podcast category at the Hermes Creative Awards.

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  • Star Partner Program Recruitment Campaign for LG Seeds


Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 00.45.12

Recently rewarded with a Best of NAMA Regional Award Celebration, the campaign was recognized by the Hermes Creative Awards for a platinum award in the Social Media category.

LG’s first ever dealer recruitment campaign served as the key marketing focus for 2020. STAR Partner dealers are the force that drives the brand. They combine their feet-on-the-farm expertise with LG’s leading genetics to bring farmers high-quality seed and resources for their entire operation. In order to get the word out and attract new recruits, both LG Seeds and Simantel knew that bold, heroic creative would be a key driver for the campaign.

This campaign was enthusiastically received by potential dealers, as well as the agriculture industry at large.

Some key results:

  • It was the top source for LGSeeds.com traffic
  • Accounted for 46 percent of all new website visitors and 42 percent of all website sessions
  • Had over 8 million impressions

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  • Caterpillar Mini Excavators Cat® 306 CR Campaign
Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 00.35.41

Recently, Simantel and Caterpillar took on a new initiative aimed at raising awareness for the new mini excavator, the Cat® 306 CR. To grab the attention of consumers, they created a short, fun video series focusing on the value messages of the 306 CR. This campaign centered around a key differentiator and a popular topic of customer feedback for the little powerhouse — its superior lift capacity. They developed a concept that utilized humor and disruptive visuals to personify the 306 CR as a workout “machine” in a local gym. With a benefit-focused theme, a highly-relatable setting and plenty of relevant jokes — the “Lift More” concept caught the eye of audiences across digital media channels and invited them to see the 306 CR in action, from the gym to the job site.

The campaign has taken home a Bronze Telly Award in the Branded Content category.

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  • Caterpillar E&T Covid Response Video
Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 00.40.34

In April 2020, companies everywhere were trying to figure out how to respond to the newly announced global pandemic. 

It seemed everywhere you turned you heard or saw a message from a brand saying something like, “we’re in this together” or using words like “unprecedented, challenging and uncertain times.” But Caterpillar’s Energy & Transportation (E&T) team decided to take a head-on approach and be honest about what people were feeling. And they took this opportunity instead to simply say, “thank you.” Not just to their customers who continued to build toward a better tomorrow, but to people everywhere who were digging in, working hard and giving us hope — the essential workers who are the heroes on the front lines every day.

At a time when the market was crowded with Covid response videos, Caterpillar E&T’s response video not only consoled the viewer but caught the attention of The Telly Awards, winning a bronze award in the category of Corporate Image for Branded Marketing.

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