Video Marketing

17 ways to incorporate video into every stage of the buyer’s journey

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools for brands. As an inbound marketing agency, DPR&Co is a HubSpot partner, Hubspot found that 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process. They also reported that 54% of people want to see more video content from marketers. Yet in order for video to be successful at generating both traffic and leads, it needs to be used in a strategic way. Here are 18 ways to use video at the different stages of the buyer’s journey.


You want to attract people to your page. They are unfamiliar with your brand and may not even know about the problem they’re facing. So you need to inform, attract, and raise awareness. To do this, use videos that:

  1. Entertain and build an emotional connection between your brand and your viewer
  2. Educate your viewer on a specific issue or topic
  3. Give tips/tricks and explain a solution to a challenge or problem in a concise and digestible manner
  4. Promote a specific marketing initiative

Keep your visitors engaged and turn them into prospective buyers. To do that you need to provide valuable content that builds trust and is easy to consume. To do this, use videos that:

  1. Give the viewer an insight into your product and showcase benefits
  2. Ask for feedback and encourage discussion
  3. Share behind-the-scenes or exclusive content
  4. Relate to current trends and inform the viewer

At this stage, you need to continue nurturing your prospects by providing value and and showcasing your success stories. To do this, use videos that:

  1. Highlight a specific customer’s experience using your product
  2. Show a customer talking about their positive experience with your product
  3. Communicate updates or news
  4. Add value to how your product can be used
  5. Share content from events or company initiatives
  6. Answer questions that your audience often ask

Delight your customers and turn them into advocates. Produce fun, helpful videos that will add more value to their purchase, provide support, and reassure them they’ve made the right choice. The goal is to show just how invested you are in keeping them happy. Use videos that:

  1. Are tailored to the product or service that customer has purchased
  2. Educate your customer on how to best use your product
  3. Reward them and entice them to share their feedback
But isn’t video really expensive?

Clients often think video marketing is expensive and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

At DPR&CO, we have the ability to product videos of varying production quality. For example, shooting on an iPhone (which is pretty good these days) with the assistance of some snappy gadgets is a great solution for social, which tends to reward authentic content anyway. We like to keep things simple yet effective to give our clients the best solution at the lowest cost. Shoot us an email to discover more.