Kristi Anderson

AMIN Global Executive Director

AMIN Worldwide | 612-743-4124

With a talent for clicking her heels together 3 times, Kristi will make you feel right at home – whether at a conference, event, in a peer group discussion, webinar, or negotiating a win-win with our AMIN partners. Kristi Anderson, Executive Director for AMIN Worldwide excels at increasing the value of the network to members through the facilitation & management of AMIN events, professional development, member engagement, conferences & Shared Resources for 4,000 employees across the Globe.
Duties include:
Conference and Event Planning, Execution, & evaluation
Shared Resources Identification & Negotiation
Professional Development & Training
Survey development, distribution, & analysis
Vendor Trade Show
Peer Group Facilitation, and both Community and Member Engagement
Member Recruitment

With twenty+ years industry experience, recognized for consistently exceeding goals, and dynamic leadership, Kristi has demonstrated skills in: Market and product positioning, advertising/public relations and sales promotion, global/regional/local marketing programs, customer service, interpersonal and organizational communications, forecasting and planning, new campaign/product roll-out, major account management.