1/21/2021 AMIN Webinar: We Can't Fix What We Don't Talk About: Gender Inequality In Adv.

Learn how Babes Helpin' Babes works with company leadership & employees to address, discuss & solve problems of diversity, equity & inclusion in the workplace.

As part of AMIN's Business in the Ab-Normal series, in this webinar you’ll learn how Babes Helpin’ Babes cultivated a culture at Signal Theory dedicated to addressing, discussing and solving issues of gender inequality. You’ll walk away with tangible ideas to challenge gender norms and enact meaningful change within your own company and the advertising industry as a whole.  D&I conversations continue, changing the industry from the inside...

Please share this link with anyone in your agency who might like to participate in this conversation.  HR, AM's, CEO's, PM's, Creatives, Media, really anyone from most any department will benefit ;)
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