10/27/20 Business in the Ab-Normal. AMIN Webinar Series featuring Brian Kessman of Lodestar. "Now is the Time to Redesign Your Org Structure: Unconventional Thinking for Leaner, Responsive Ways of Working"

Business in the Ab-Normal AMIN Webinar Series


LODESTAR LEARNING PROGRAM (description & bio):

Key takeaways will include:

  1. How structure can lift (or limit) creative services
  2. How to tell good structure from bad structure
  3. The benefits of moving away from "Project-Teams" to form "Creative-Product Teams"
  4. How to uncover your agency's "Value Architecture" as the foundation for optimal structure
  5. How to create outcome-driven roles for accountability and entrepreneurial thinking
  6. How to distribute authority for smarter, faster decision-making and action
  7. How to assess your current structure and uncover new opportunities to improve your performance

Who should attend:

  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs, other C-suite Executives, Presidents, Managing Directors, HR leaders, anyone invested in your agency’s performance and culture.
  • For call in detail, contact KAnderson@aminworldwide.com ...Recording will be shared out afterward...