Join AMIN friend & Keynote, Jenne Fromm, for a Professional Development Webinar to learn How to care for yourself when the world is going bonkers, Resilience in a time of Corona.

Business in the Ab-Normal AMIN Webinar Series

Important Real World, Right Now Considerations:

·       Our crisis has outlasted our adrenaline. We can no longer “white knuckle” our way through this.

·       Most of our energy is being used up while we try to manage in survival mode.

·       Previous methods of managing stress and negative circumstances may fall short when it comes to managing the impact and effects of a global pandemic.

·       While there is empathy and understanding of the current difficulties, you still have to do your job and manage your life.

·       Self-care can be seen as selfish, self-absorbed or an indulgence when in crisis.

·       People are facing deep emotional impact (and sometimes trauma) that can quickly result in disengagement if not addressed and managed well.

·       Creating a plan that goes beyond surviving is essential to personal success, mental health and happiness.


2020 has been difficult for all of us. With so much unknown and so many changes including: health threats, business restructures, impact to profitability, school closings and openings (and reclosing), realities of work-from-home, disruption in home life, racial injustices, and more, it would be weird if you weren’t feeling angst, fear, guilt or any number of difficult emotions. Your feelings are normal. What we are experiencing isn’t. The good news? You don’t have to be overtaken by those negative emotions or thoughts. Together we will look at ways to process these emotions, use them to work for you rather than being overcome by them, and begin to shape a new way of solving problems, managing ourselves others and creating a new reality that works.

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