Join AMIN EMEA UK member Sideshow as they introduce their "Side Hustle" (alternate revenue stream)

Business in the Ab-Normal AMIN Webinar Series

AMIN's Prof Development & Member Engagement Committees will be hosting quarterly webinars featuring member Side Hustle businesses - and look forward to hearing from Tony Hill and Neil Dennis (owners of AMIN UK agency Sideshow) who will share some background around what spurred their acquisition, or partnership with Conversion, what it is Conversion does (via a case use), and what it can offer AMIN members.

Born out of the networks own Master Skill set analysis, and as a means to showcase member's Master Skills to one another (potentially keeping business in the network rather than out-sourcing to outside resources beyond AMIN borders) Join us Feb 23, 2021, as we launch the 1st in a number of Side Hustle presentations this year!

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"Conversion is an experimentation agency. We use data-driven conversion rate optimisation to optimise and improve our clients’ websites and businesses"