Kim will take us through a virtual roundtable presentation & discussion of LRXD's Annual Future of Health & Happiness Report which describes and decodes the key forces and trends that will define the next era of "Well-Care"- a bolder, brighter, more collective future where health and wellbeing become accessible to anyone, and priorities for all.
The report will include coverage on emerging trends that will enable Purpose-led brands to create more meaningful consumer experiences in the future, followed by a CEO Q&A.

In this discussion, we will explore new and bold future-forward ideas such as:
The Emerging Well-Care Ecosystem      The Emerging Eraser Economy
Rapid Response Communities                Health & Happiness Hacking All Day
Regenerative Business 2.0                   The Emerging tension between Live-verse vs. the Metaverse
Immunity as the New Status                   The Future of M2Me Care
The Future of Looped Communities      Double Agent Consumers

* Please allow 1.5 Hours for this roundtable session & share invitation with relevant members of your agency──────────